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Doubt Regarding SLI setup (newbie)

Hey there.. can someone tell me whether there is Master/Slave Setup for Nvidia SLi.. I have a gtx560ti which is almost 1 year old.. I am thinking to SLI it with another GTX560 or 580.... I wish to keep the new graphics card as the master coz its new :D.. Is it possible? if so.. how? and also.. Is it better to keep another 560 of the same manufacturer (i use the msI twin frozr2 now) or SLI 560ti with a 580?
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  1. You can only SLi a 560Ti with another 560Ti just be sure that they have the same core count, i.e a 384 + 384 not 384 + 448. There is no master/slave setup and they don't have to be from the same manufacturer.
  2. ohkay..then im gnna buy another 560ti.. ill check on the cores.. ty for remind me that.. Twinfrozr2 msi 560ti 1gb ddr5 has to b same .. wil double check tho.. :).. Thanks again
  3. to check the core count of graphics card :|
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    Well the one you have is a 384 core card, to check for sure download and run GPUz or go to the Nvidia control panel > Help > System Information.
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