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What's up people, i would like for someone to explain to me what is going on with my graphic's card, first of all my good one has a problem so now i'm using the one that my motherboard has installed and it has very very low performance but that's not why i'm here.
When i try to use my good graphic's card my pc sometimes just goes fine until i try to play a video game , as soon as the game starts a get a black screen and my sound gets mixed up and then i have to restart my pc, this happens over and over again until i use my motherboard's graphics card, is there anyway i can fix this up in my home or will i have to call tech support or even buy a new one.
Any answers/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi! I assume you tried uninstalling and installing the latest drivers. Try to find out if your video card does the same thing in another PC. If it does, update its BIOS (available at the manufacturer's website (not AMD or Nvidia, the board partners).
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