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My acer aspire 5734z-4836 laptop recently crashed. the only way to save it was reformatting, however, the only windows cd i had was windows xp, so now my laptop runs on windows xp. trying to set up the wireless on it, but am running into problems. the internet works when plugged into the router with an ethernet cable but wont hook up wirelessly. Im not really computer savvy, but am hoping to fix it, any suggestions?
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  1. Check Device manager to be sure your wireless adapter is installed. If your acer has a wifi switch or button, turn that on. Right click the wirelsee network icon (bottom right) and view available wireless networks. Select yours from the list, enter password and press Connect.
  2. Head over to, check for drivers for your model. If you did not get the drivers after you installed XP, you're probably missing a bunch of things. Start with the Chipset drivers, then do Video, Audio, Networking (wired and wireless).
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