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I am having a problem with installing Windows7 on a new build. When the computer is started (with the dvd in the optical drive) a key stroke is requested, some files are loaded and then the Install Windows screen opens. At exactly this point the mouse is deactivated so that I cannot make any language selections, etc. and proceed with the installation. Note: the mouse was working prior to this point as it was used to select the boot optical drive in BIOS. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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  1. I had this happen before, but after waiting for 10 minutes, the windows installation accepted input from the mouse again. I'm guessing it takes longer for the system to load the default USB device drivers during the installation process, because it does so from the disk? I have not seen this problem with older style non-usb devices yet. Which are you using.If this doesn't work, you could try readin:
  2. Keyboard and mouse are both USB. Wait time at frozen screen is now 2hrs. Looking at link you provided.
  3. Sorry i could not be more help, and honestly, my explanation of the reason that happens sometimes is purely speculation. Have you tried to start this process over? maybe the pc froze up when starting the process?
  4. Although the Windows installation can freeze at this point with certain motherboards it should have recovered within a quarter of an hour or so. Most often windows installation freezing problems are caused by memory problems, you should download memtest86 4.0a and run for at least three passes.
  5. My MB is ASUSP9X79. Based on link you sent I looked and found under advanced BIOS that legacy USB was enabled and I tried swithching UHCI Hand-off to enabled from disablede. This did not help. Windows 7 forum recommends Legacy USB Support and Legacy USB 3.0 Support be enabled and UHCI Hand-off be disabled.
  6. I'll try the memtest suggestion. This will reqiuire moving mouse, monitor etc. back to my old system. I've had enough enjoyment for tonight so I will pick it up tomorrow.
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  8. My problem has been solved. I think the issue here was neophyte ignorance, but regardless, I appreciate your assistance. Thaks to your comments I learned to use memtest (the results showed all memory was OK). In the process of connecting and reconnecting the mouse from my old machine I discovered that plugging an old mouse into a USB 3.0 port did not work (even though I thought backward compatability was not supposed to be an issue). As soon as I plugged the old mouse into a USB 2.0 port it worked fine, the system did not freeze and I was able to load windows. I am learning a lot from Tom's forums so maybe it is possible to teach an old geezer new tricks! Thank again!
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