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Monitor for Radeon HD 7750. Ref: Far Cry 3 Performance Benchmark.

Hello, my name is Yong from Malaysia.

After reading Far Cry 3 Performance, Benchmarked,3379.html

i set myself to buy Radeon HD 7750. If i buy it i know i limit myself to Medium Settings. I notice the GPU are capable of playing 30 fps-ish in 1680x1050. More than capable in 1280x720 res. So i just wondering what kind of display are the test using. Different display for different resolution? Or same display with different resolution setting?

Plan to buy 1920x1280 ips panel, and plan to used different resolution when play games, lower res to be exact. Just wondering, what kind of display are they using or just same display with windowed game?
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  1. no they used one 30 inch display and they test using different resolutions so the display type will not affect the performance but resolution will.
  2. is there any issue with non-native resolution? even if the resolution is same aspect?
  3. it looks blurred/not sharp in full screen when not the native rez.

    Windowed will look sharp/normal however.
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    no there isnt.
    if you run a game in lower resolution you can either have it in windowed mode or you can have it full screen. with full screen things will look more pixely as there are less pixels in game than on your screen if that makes sense

    if you want to run games at lower resolution full screen keep the same aspect meaning if the screen is 1920x1080 run the game at 1280x720 (half the size) to keep the same aspect and not have a black border around the screen.
  5. Well there's only one way to find out. Thank you alvine. Thank you ciffro.

    Man, i remember the time when the only thing i have to worry about wether my CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT are good enough. Talk about pixels remind me of WC : PRIVATEER. Those were the days. Can't wait for STAR CITIZEN to come out. Thank you again for the reply. Have a nice day.
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