Monitor wont power up after voltage surge

Hello Guys,

Yesterday i had a power failure in my local area and that lead to high voltages being transmitted.. approx 400V came on and my pc was powered up.

My 5.1 channel speakers died instantly, cpu survived as i had a corsair psu and it managed to cutoff the power at right time, the LCD monitor flickered 2 times then it went black the LED power light kept on flickering for few seconds then it also went out.. My LCD uses an AC adaptor to power up and i suspect it has gone dead.
The adaptor has an output of 12V and 5Amp, and now when i plug it in the power outlet the LED power indicator comes on and then goes off.. every 2 seconds it happens.

So i think the adaptor is at fault? Is there any chance that it could be repaired.. Iff not then where should i buy one as i find the current ones have low current ratings in market.
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  1. "So i think the adaptor is at fault?" Likely
    " Is there any chance that it could be repaired.. "
    Doubtful put you never know.

    You could try opening it and looking for capacitors that have popped open or shorted.
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