Nokia 7210 and Serial/USB Cable

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My brother bought one of these phones today and he is wondering if it is
worthwhile buying one of those cables that can connect the 7210 to a PC.

Should he go for the serial or USB version. If he gets one of these cables
does it mean he can upload tones and pictures etc. Can you download any
audio file/picture and then convert it to suit the 7210.

What software should he use

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    Yes, it is worthwile to get a cable so that you can customize your
    wallpapers, tones, games etc. But I recommend that you get a USB IR
    dongle for your PC. It is almost the same price as the cable, but the
    advantage is that if in future you change your phone, and that phone
    too has IR, then you won't have to spend extra ti buy it's cable.


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