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•Basically my goal was to upgrade to windows 7 from Vista onto a SSD while retaining all programs and documents on the "Vista" hard drive but using the SSD as the new OS windows 7 drive, and this is the story:

I have a upgrade disc for windows 7 and a brand new SSD. My original SATA hard drive contains everything including my vista OS, I installed the new SSD formated and put a new partition onto it then ran the windows 7 upgrade disc. I chose the custom install method (if i remember correctly what it was called) to install the upgrade onto the SSD instead of the original hard drive. 15 minutes later I have a blank new copy of windows 7 on my SSD installed correctly (with a new user account that I made during the installation, which should have alerted me that I was doing something wrong in the first place) but all the information and documents from my vista hard drive were not copied over.

I think I may have just missed a step somewhere along the way or still have something to do like windows image program?

Thanks for the help
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  1. Custom install means CLEAN install, no data is copied from anywhere. There is however the transfer tool I've never used it but worth a short unless you wanna try the upgrade route instead.
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