Radeon 7970 or Radeon 7970 HIS IceQ Edition?

I was planning to get a GTX 670 before for Crysis 3 but after watching a few videos played by people with a 670 in the beta, the fps wasn't even that good so i'm starting to look at the Radeon 7970 card since i can't afford a gtx 680 atm. I'm trying to make customize a rig in cyberpower but when i select the radeon 7970 its giving me two choices, the first choice is major brand powered by AMD and the second is HIS IceQ edition. The iceq one is 50 bucks more but how much better is it? and should i trust major brand powered by amd? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well I can't tell you if it's worth $50 more than the other one but I was always happy with my HIS IceQ 5770. Also the IceQ cooler is quieter than most at higher fan speeds plus sends the heat out of the case. The draw back is it may not be as good at overclocking as some others. I believe Tom's did a GPU fan test comparison where the IceQ version was the one they recommended.
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