Look what I found... HD 8970 and GTX780

Reckon this is legit or not? Literally just found this searching for HD 8970 on Google. Pretty interesting specs and results here...

Oh and you will need to translate the page into English, it's in Russian :D so use Google Chrome since it will give the option to translate the whole page.

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  1. I feel like it's BS since they are showing actual benchmark results. Also the results are super outdated considering how much stronger the 680 is than the 7970. 7970 is only 1% weaker than a 680. But the actual number of cores etc, I think is true.
  2. It's already been confirmed that the Titan is a completely separate chip from the GTX series - that's the first flaw I found, and it took all of four seconds to notice.

    This isn't reputable.
  3. All is faked, the Team Green fan fair is running wild, The GTX780 is a step up on the 680 but nowhere near a GTX 690, but still under NDA so thats about that
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