Crossfire/SLI x3/x4 support?

Here's a question I've been thinking about. Since games seem to be at that point where they're about to "evolve," it would be prudent of me to not spend too much on my new computer build (Well, not more than it already is insane...).

So a way to save on costs that I have been thinking about was to use SLI or Crossfire in 3 or quad setup. However, I realize that dual-GPU's are barely supported still. So would 3 or 4 GPU's cause problems or just not be supported at all? I know in the recent games, they are, as I've checked different benchmark's, but playing things like Metro 2033 or Crysis 2 is only a part of my gaming collection. I play DOS games, too (Which wouldn't benefit.), as well as games that are only slight new, which are the ones which may or may not have support for more than 2 graphic cards. Games like Serious Sam HD, Bulletstorm or Dark Souls.

So I'm wondering if more experience people would know, via their knowledge or personal experience, if a 3x or quad Crossfire/SLI setup would have any benefit to games other than the very, very latest?
Note: this is my first super-high-end build, and my first computer that I personally am building, so I am treating myself to something that will play all the max. I see no reason for a 3 monitor wide setup, but I definitely plan on using a 2560x1600/1440 resolution monitor (If there's any real benefit to it compared to 1200p.).
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  1. Dual SLi (nvidia) has quite wide support but once you go above that it seems to get a bit sketchy, I can't speak for Crossfire (AMD/ATi) though.
  2. I guess, in the end, the biggest question is whether or not there is a quality cheaper card out there that can use Crossfire/SLI well enough to keep up with Crossfire 7950/7970 (Turbo/GHz edition, respectively.), in regards to the above mentioned standards of resolution and graphics?

    Edit: To BigMack: What kind of issues? Nothing a google search or unofficial patch can fix, maybe?
  3. Okay, then.

    Is it okay if I ask another question within this thread? I'm not sure if that bends the rules, or not.

    I'm torn between 2 cards, the HIS 7950 IceQ Turbo edition (Seen here: ), and the HIS 7970 GHz edition (Also an IceQ, seen here: ). The 7950 is $100 cheaper, but performs a tiny bit less.
    If future games come out that put both the 7950 and 7970 in the "not enough power" category, then that's fine, I'll grab 2 7950's. But since I'm inexperienced, I actually do not know if there will be games that surpass the 7950's capabilities but not the 7970's. I doubt it, but I would still like other people's opinions.
  4. ZpykeEboto said:
    Is it okay if I ask another question within this thread? I'm not sure if that bends the rules, or not.

    You can ask questions within your own thread, it's only when you mark it as solved and then ask more questions that it becomes a problem.
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