S370 adapter card works with Pentium III (Cu)?

Was wondering if u guy can help me here...
I hav a ASUS P3B-F (Slot1) mobo, I want to upgrade to a Pentium III 850 & since (Slot1) processor no longer exist in Australia, the only one I can get is a socket 370 Pentium III 850 (Coppermine)...but I don't want to change my mobo so I hav heard abt the S370 adapter/riser card that allows Slot1 mobo to use Socket 370 CPU....
Does any know anything abt the S370 adapter/riser card, if so
does anyone know if Pentium III 850 (Coppermine) socket 370 cpu will work on the S370 adapter/riser card??
The S370 adapter card will then be use on my (Slot1) mobo..
My mobo do support Pentium III Coppermine, but I wasn't sure if the S370 adapter/riser support Pentium III Coppermine...please can someone help me with this info, THANK YOU very much in advance...

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  1. I have a MSI slocket. It works great. I have been using it with a 1 GHz P3 for half a year and did not give me any problem.
  2. So is MSI slocket = S370 Adapter/riser card?? R they the same thing?...

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  3. Yes. They are the samething.
  4. ASUS P3B-F
    "Fix Windows 2000 cannot be installed if all PnP devices in Super I/O are disabled.
    "Support 566MHz and 850MHz CPU with clock ratio equal or greater than 8.5x."
    Revise Coppermine Vcore limit for 128K cache Coppermine.
    Fix Hardware Monitor false alarm of CPU vcore when using old celeron"

    This is BIOS file (the most recent BIOS) for ASUS P3B-F...lastly, since my understanding of English isn't that good,...it mention that

    "Support 566MHz and 850MHz CPU with clock ratio equal or greater than 8.5x."

    Does this mean that my mobo can handle processor that is higher than 850Mhz?...say a 1GHz processor

    Thanx again Upec, u hav been a great help, well better than ASUS support ( hope u don't owrk in ASUS..HEhehehe)

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  5. Dude, any FC-PGA compatable "Slotket" will work, and your board supports processors up to the PIII 1000EB.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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