MSI 680 Lightning or Asus 7970 Matrix?

Hey guys just wondering what you would recommend between these two videos cards.

Right not the MSI has free borderlands 2. However, Im leaning towards the matrix since in many benchmarks Ive seen it maintain higher performance and it would match my ROG mobo nicely. The only problem is that I can't find it anywhere it seems everyone has stopped selling the platinum version....Why is this? If I am correct wasn't it released relatively recently could anyone explain the lack of availibility? Will the card come back in stock with retailers soon? Because that that case Im willing to wait it out.

Any suggestions on what I should do?
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  1. I feel for the money you are wasting your money with a matrix card. Where the matrix card may have features like a button to turn up fan noise or power leads to test voltages I would say a DirectcuII card would be a stronger investment on your part that or purchasing a Sapphire 7970 Vapor-X. In regards to the availability of the matrix card is more then likely due to the availability of the card due to low production.

    I also feel that the 680 is a overpriced chip. And because of this your value is shot. So my suggestion would be if you want a good nvidia counterpart get a strong 670 and if you want a good 7970 go for the sapphire 7970 ghz vapor-x. Although if you are in love with the red and black asus theme a DCUII then that would be a fine card as well.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I was originally looking into the MSI gtx 670 PE however, when I saw that the Lighnting had a free game valuing 50-60$(Borderlands 2, a game I was planning on buying anyway) I thought I could factor that into the price and decided I could pay the extra money on that basis. I then saw the matrix card and saw that 7970s were coming with two free games once again games that I was planning on buying separately so my mind trailed to that card which matched my red theme. Im curious to whether the matrix would be restocked in stores anytime soon or is it a one time deal sort of thing?
  3. You know I'm not quite sure because its a enthusiast grade high end card its very likely finding one will be hard. Based on overclock3D's review though I have dismissed the idea of the matrix card being a worthwhile investment.

    In terms of games included with a card I would say AMD has it sold with there new bundle.

    With the purchase of the 7900 series you get.

    Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution, Far Cry 3, and Sleeping dogs.

    However if you enjoy borderlands (1/2) I can see a 670 being a good choice as well. Primarily due to the game looking better with the added element of GPU ran phsyx.

    If it were me though and I was looking at things I would buy a 7970 in a heartbeat given what you get.
  4. Thanks for that review, it was a good read. Id go for a 7970 DCUII but I dont think they exist and the gtx 680 is to expensive and without a free game which would make the gtx 680 lighning a more viable lightning. I guess I could get some red stickers and then tape up the blue LEDS or just let them go. However that would end up being more expensive then a matrix if it came back in stock with the amd game package....oh wait or not to wait?
  5. What about the MSI 7970 Lightning?
  6. You can find a DCUII card however they seem to be very hard to find. The only place that I was able to find was amazon that had them in stock. I personally would get the 7970 lightning its cheaper then the DCUII card it has amazing cooling a good factory overclock and has a black and a yellow stripe theme which should be pretty color neutral in a matching scenario.
  7. Msi 7970 lightning is a good option, with the two games free, it's overpriced, though.
    There's a cheap and good 7970, the sapphire :
  8. I'm a little confused with the never settle deal because I swore it came with 6 games or do they give you more as time goes by? The sapphire card is just fine as well I feel at this point a factory overclocked card is a little overkill but meh. The lightning does come with things that the standard cards do not component wise just like the Vapor-X card comes with stronger components as well. But for the normal guy it won't matter.
  9. If i'm not mistaken six games are offered when you buy two 7900 series.

    It's all marketing, but it's a good option for the people who want those games in question.
  10. Ah that would make a lot of sense. I wonder how that works though. Because what would happen with the 2 extra games of Crysis 3 and Bioshock would those transform into the games you don't have.
  11. AMD just announced new games for 7900s card I think 7970 gets crisis 3 and bioshock so 120 value. I like 680 or 670 more but with that game deal I would go with 7970
  12. Yea unless nvidia turns around and says okay we will give you Metro Last Light, Borderlands 2 and Assasins Creed 3 I would say the better deal is with AMD game wise.
  13. I have no idea if in newegg or other stores offers the six games when bought two 7900 cards.
    In the uk, they're offering four games :

    and one more if they buy another one :

    "[...]Also includes a free voucher for
    • Sleeping Dogs
    • Far Cry 3

    * While stocks last, buy this graphics card to get a free voucher good for one digital download of Bioshock:Infinite and Crysis 3 PC games
    **While stock lasts buy an identical second card to get a free CROSSFIRE voucher good for a digital download of Hitman: Absolution too!"

    It doesn't see like a good deal buying another there.
  14. That is so bizarre! Now I'm just baffled maybe they are just tossing in the old coupon with the new coupon.
  15. the msi 680 lightning is the fastest single gpu gaming card in the world, just won an award the other day for that. is it worth is, meh. neither is a 7970 though either. were too close to the next generation now that any card over $320 is just not worth the money anymore. the 7950 crossfired is far faster, about 30-45% faster, yet only 12-15% more, and right now 2 purchased will net you 3 AAA games and 3 AA games, roughly a $170-$230 deal. Sell them all and you could almost get one of the 7950's for free.
  16. He probably might not want two cards ?
    Two 7950 costs more than 500$, it's about ~600$.
  17. Well there was a article on toms today calling for a q'4 release of the new GPU's and with that being the case if it is the case is a while off. I think the best single GPU in the world can be heavily debated. However lets do not do it here.
  18. i just dont see the value in anything past a well cooled 7950, like we see now, you can get a windforce 3x or twinfrozr for about $290 after rebates with 2 very valuable games at about $80-90 value minimum. on a single 1440/1600p monitor thats all anybodys going to need unless your only goal is bench or max out crysis 3 with gobs of unneeded AA, hard pressed if anybody is going to see a difference past 2xAA @ 2560 when objects are moving. only other game that could benefit for 4gb vram plus is skyrim with step mods @ 2560 where it has been shown use well in excess of 3gb vram, but at this point skyrim seems to have stability issues at about 3.1-3.2gb vram, bethesda knows about it and hopefully is trying to fix it.
  19. I can give you one of my GTX 670 DCII
  20. Well if you aren't into overclocking your graphics card then things past a 7950 can have there uses. Turning up all the settings and AA+AF is pretty nice to be able to do. But I agree with you though that typically when you enter the high end card area you really start noticing diminished returns.
  21. If you have the money, I say save it and get a normal AMD 7970 like the double d or windforce or vapor. You can OC either one of them to meet your needs for years to come. I just added a second GTX 670 in my rig because I want to add another monitor. If it wasn't for that I would have kept the single ASUS GTX 670 DCII since I don't get less than 70fps on any game. Stock level boosts to 1090 not 980 as I found out and I have them OCd right now at 1150 each and they hit 1300 no problem and don't get beyond 62 degrees. I'll down clock them but just showing you that you don't need lighting or 680 cards to mas out games and get great fps.
  22. Thanks for all the replies. I was thinking of getting a very strong single GPU that I can oc and then then down the road when I feel like it buying a second for SLI/Crossfire. Ive been leaning towards NVIDIA because many of my friends love the company and recommend them over AMD however, looking at the benchmarks and price as well as your opinions it seems that the 7970 seems to be the better option. I really enjoy the Lightning edition cards and they are within my budget especially with the free games. The matrix Im beginning to rule out because I can't find it anywhere( too lazy to continue searching) and it doesnt seem worth it overall. Many of the features would be useless for me and I don't want to buy strictly on aesthetics and ROG branding.

    Additionally, I dont want to wait for the next gen cards because I have my entire build already constructed and just havent ordered my video card yet so I guess we are narrowing it down to high end 670s/7970s or if I want to splurge the lightning gtx 680 or 7970....
  23. Well if you want a 7970 and a top one, get the 7970 lightning, it's overpriced but it's a good 7970.
  24. That is really up to you if you get a lightning card I would get the 7970. If you get a 670 a DCUII card would do just fine. If i were you I would get the best card I could afford if it was the 7970 lightning do that as it is will be faster then a stock 670 and you more then likely would only need to change your card when you were getting near the point of a upgrade not adding an additional card which would be nice. In fact any of the cards you are after would put you in the same position.
  25. And I agree it is a little overpriced but you do get more additional quality things you wouldn't otherwise have received on a stock card so If its worth it to you go for it. MSI does a good job of outlining the things cards come with series wise.
  26. Yes, i meant for other 7970, it's a bit overprice, but it has quality components, a good card for overclocking, there're other 7970 ghz, the vapor-x, the gigabyte windforce 3x, his iceq x2.
    But if the msi matches the style, then yes, the 7970 lightning is a good choice.
  27. Yea understood I would stay clear of the HIS and Gigabyte solution given how much you are willing to spend. I would go with either the Vapor-X or the MSI card.
  28. Is there something wrong with the his card ?
    The gigabyte it seems it has been reported with coil whine, but i don't know for sure, the gigabyte windforce 3x usually is a good model/cooling solution.
  29. Um, I just feel the quality isn't quite the same as Sapphire or MSI. Although I could be wrong. Just personal preference. I haven't seen anyone really run up and down the street about HIS.
  30. It seems the sapphire vapor-x ghz edition just vanished from newegg.
    The his seems a good card :

    It lacks of more reviews, though.
  31. Yea that also may be a product of just not being very popular dj. But it looks that it performs pretty well via your link.
  32. Yes, probably the only place worth buying the vapor-x is in superbiiz, in amazon it's 500$, not worth it.
  33. Yea amazon seems to be the more expensive choice it seems most of the time.
  34. It seems borderlands two offer has ended...
  35. That is a bummer however these things happen. I'm sure it'll be a steam sale at some point for dirt cheap 20 dollars or so.
  36. Yah, it seems whenever I go to buy things the deals end xD
  37. Borderlands has been on sale for a while I guess it was just a matter of time. When I purchased my GTX670 the game had just come out and I got it for free. That was back in October. I'm sure they will be more deals in the future. Sounds like it's a game you were interested in.
  38. Yah, I was planning on buying it regardless but its no big deal.
  39. Ah, so what are you swinging more towards? Keep in mind that with the nvidia option you do get GPU rendered physx where you can do it on a AMD card with the CPU going beyond medium physx will be troublesome with borderlands 2 where as going on high on a 600 series card is easy. I know a lot of what physx is subjective so I understand those who don't care for it. The batman games use it, metro games use it, borderlands uses it I play those games you may not so I guess you can weight it out to see if you like it or not.

  40. I think Im leaning a bit toward the NVIDA cards, Ill just have to decide whether its worth the loss of two free games xD
  41. How difficult is it to get high physx on AMD cards?
  42. Yea its a tough call because Crysis 3 should be a fun game and Bioshock infinite looks bad arsh!
  43. Do you plan to buy those games ?
    If you do, the 7970 is a good option to take in consideration, if not, just get the nvidia card.
  44. Im definitely planning on buying Bioshock Infinite, and I definitely wouldnt mind having Crysis 3 so 7970 seems like the better value.
  45. Indeed if those are the case then a 7970 would be the better value choice.
  46. if you have a sandy/ivy bridge k processor then built in physix on nvidia doesnt matter, especially when overclocked.
  47. in borderlands 2 yes, you would get medium settings with no issues high would be an issue so maxing out would be an issue. In batman good luck running on high, metro same deal.
  48. Nvidia 150 dollar in game coupon...
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