How do i know which GPU's have an s/pdif connector

I am building a simple computer for someone and he intends to connect it to and HD tv (1080p) aswell as an old VGA monitor.

Now when i check several specifications of graphics cards, they never tell if said GPU has an s/pdif connector.

Even when i check the specifications of my own graphics card (gtx560ti) it doesnt tell it has an s/pdif connector (even though it does).

Does it come with every graphics card that has an HDMI output?

The graphics card in question is this:

Thanks in advance,
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    anyways modern cards have on-chip sound devices for hdmi audio so the internal s/pdif connector is no longer needed. There has never been cards with s/pdif outputs as far as I know...
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    on-topic: thanks for the reply.
    perhaps i wasnt descriptive enough. i wasnt talking about an s/pdif connector in the back.

    its a connection on the GPU thats inside the case and connects to another s/pdif connection on the motherboard. that transfers the sound from the mobo to the graphics card so sound can come through it.

    my own card is an EVGA GTX560ti that has this connection (i believe next to the SLI connector) that connects with the motherboard.

    im saying this because my card is not that old. and the graphics card im buying for the computer im building for my friend is really low budget (50$ tops)

    EDIT: I might of mixed up my GTX560 with a GTX275 on my old computer. im not sure about anything now :/
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