7870 not reaching full potential!

I believe my 7870 is not reaching its full potential. On small world games such as Alan Wake, Darksiders, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, ect. it works perfectly. (60 FPS. 100+ with vsync off) But on games like BF3 or Saints row the third it gets around 50 fps when outside, sometimes around 40 in huge places. My CPU is a phenom ii x4, could this be the problem? Im planing on overclocking it soon, do you think it would help?
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  1. Overclocking that Phenom II x4 probably won't help much in BF3. Get a I5 or I7 if you really want to unlock the potential of the card since no matter how high you can clock the phenom II it still won't be anywhere as fast as a single sandy or ivy bridge I5 or I7.
  2. go with something like an 8350, and upgrade to a steamroller, or go with an ivy bridge and get no upgradebility. either those two or wait for haswelll, but then LGA 1150 will still be a dead socket.
  3. ^Ha so will steamroller, look at pretty much all of the AM2+ and AM3 socket boards that got screwed because none of the FX chips were supported. I have run AMD and Intel side by side for years and every time I invest serious money in AMD processor technology I get boned. It happened with the FX8150 I spent 200+ dollars on and a first gen I5 beat my build by a good 40 fps in most games, to put salt on the wounds the first gen I5 was running about 100$ and the second gen about 170$. OUCH!

    Never again will I touch AMD and their crappy CPU's. I was pretty much the running joke at the LAN that month because someone who spent $500 beat my $1000 build.
  4. Yea I would look into things with Intel if possible. Over the years it's become harder and harder to recommend a company that will not push pc gaming to the for front. Also things to keep in mind intels memory controller is vastly superior to AMD's which may effect how they perform side by side however Intel tends to have an easier time with the higher end cards. Also furthermore unlike Nvidia cards AMD cards tend to need a little more CPU power. An overclock would help however I'm not sure how much as this point.
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