Which HD 7950?

Hello, I have been thinking about which Radeon HD 7950 to get for the past 3 months. I researched every single on the look at it's temps, noise, accessories etc. But I am still stumped.

My main choices are

Gigabyte 7950
Asus 7950

I have read about the MSI, XFX, HIS etc but none of them seamed to be the one. And the Nvidia side seemed to be to expensive.
The Asus 7950 is 3 slots and I'm not sure if I will be able to Crossfire X later because I don't know If my motherboard supports it.

Thank you

full specs:
i5-3570k @ 4.5Ghz
Intel HD 4000
Asrock Z77 Extreme 3
HAF 922
Hyper 212 EVO
SeaSonic 750W PSU
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    Well something to keep in mind is that the ASUS card is a 3 slot solution so you will need to put that into consideration. You would also need to have a extended ROG board to get the card into crossfire due to its 3 slot solution. I would prefer the ASUS solution over the Gigabyte card. For the following reasons. 1. Quality I feel with ASUS you get a higher degree of quality. 2. Aesthetics black and red is very cool however this is subjective. 3. you get a near silent cooler with both however from what I've seen of the DCUII card its near unhearable. 4. Stronger customer support, I've gone through Gigabyte and you feel like you are calling some run down corner Chinese Restaurant with a graphic card operation in the back office. They weren't very professional. However with that being said if you intend to go crossfire in the future the gigabyte solution would be it as well as its a bit cheaper. Also keep this in mind as well with a 7950 its plausible to believe that it should hold over a person using a single screen for a couple of years in that time frame technology may dean 2 cards not as strong as purchasing a new card.
  2. gigabyte windforce 3x or msi twin frozr 3... by far the best cards, whichever one you can get for cheaper, plus you will get crysis 3 and bioshock infinite for free, keep em or resell them for roughly $80
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