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HIS 6950 1GB ICEQ No Display

Hi there, I recently purchased a HIS 6950 1 GB to upgrade from my old EVGA 275 GTX 796 mb.
I installed it correctly (have reseated it numerous times) and properly uninstaled my old drivers (via control panel and driver sweeper) but for some reason I can't get the display to show up on my screen even though the fan spins on the card.
This is the card:

I have both 6 pin power connectors plugged in and everything on my motherboard is properly plugged in. I know this because I can hear the machine post and go into windows even with the card in, but there is no display.
I am told that the card was bios flashed to a 6970 but I have no idea what this means and how it would affect my issue, so I'm just wondering if anyone could enlighten me

These are my current specs:
CPU: 3470 i5
HSF: Antec Kuhler 620
Mobo: AsRock H77M
PSU: Coolermaster iGreen 500w
(For specifcations)
SSD: Samsung 830 64 GB
Hard Drive: WD 1TB Caviar Black
Case: Lian-Li PC-K62 Dragon Lord

The case has around 4 fans with LEDS if that helps anyone.
I have an idea of what is wrong, but I do not want to sway your minds before I get some replies.
Thanks for your time
Edit: I have tried both DVI ports and HDMI to no avail
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  1. Have you tried any of the other pci express slots on your motherboard to see if that would display?

    Worse comes to worse you had just purchased the card its still returnable I'd think.
  2. I'm pretty sure the PCI-E slot is okay since I just had a 275 in it, but do you think it's worth a try?
    I was thinking that the PSU was too small for it, and I was going to go out to buy a 600W one (from a reputable brand of course).
    I can return it by tomorrow night, but I want to try to get it working since I got it for a very decent price ($79 AUD).
    Also wanted to replace my PSU for a while now cause it is getting old.

    Would you recommend getting a 7850 instead? Orkeeping my 275.
    I don't really need to upgrade right now cause I don't play the big games, it was more of an impulsive future proofing action.
  3. I suppose you could try another power supply with more watts/better build quality XFX, CORSAIR, SEAONIC, ANTEC. A 7850 over the card you have now is pretty much the same exact card. So I don't think its a good investment to change at the moment.
  4. Do you think that a power supply could be the issue?
    Thanks again for your reply, what PSU would you recommend?
    I was looking at a Corsair HX650V2 but heard a lot of things about a weird chirping noise?
  5. I've had the TX650 but I have real no experience with the HX series. I have a AX850 I'll share a picture of my build. You could also take a look at the TX650v2.

  6. There are a couple I'd look at.
    On sale till the end of tonight after all the savings it goes down to $49.99 so I would pull the trigger soon on it if that is what you want to do.
  7. Unfortunately am in Australia so will need to look for local stores,
    What do you think of:
    Antec HCG 520/620W: $83/$99
    Corsair VS650 650W: $83
    XFX Core Edition 550W: $75
    Antec NEO ECO 520C: $77
    Corsair CX600V3 600W: $95
  8. After reading around, I think I'm going to go with the XFX Core Edition 550W, do you agree with my choice in terms of price/performance out of the ones I listed?
  9. Best answer
    If you are able to get a XFX 550 Core that is a good price point for that unit. All of XFX's current power supplies are composed of Seasonic OEM parts. Good price cheaper then the other choices and holds quality that maybe some of the other ones may not have as well.
  10. Thanks a lot man, will report back after I install the new PSU
  11. Sounds good hopefully this can be solved soon for you.
  12. Hey man, just so you know I found the issue.
    It turns out that somehow my DVI port stopped within between changing cards and I had to use VGA to DVI with an adapter to get a display.
    I ended up buying the power supply anyway cause my current one makes some weird buzzing sounds and it's around 4 years old.
    I now have an issue with my monitor in that VGA to DVI doesn't support the native resolution of my monitor; i.e. 1680x1050.
    I have already sent an email to Viewsonic enquiring about possible drivers but for now I have to live with 1600x1200.
    I can force 1680x1050 using CCC (Catalyst), but it doesnt save my settings everything I restart my computer.
    I have to uncheck the box that says something like: Use Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) or driver defaults so that I can change the max resolution to 1680x1050.
    Any ideas how I can make the settings save every reboot with CCC?
    Otherwise I may have to either:
    1. Get working VGA to DVI drivers from Viewsonic for my VX2235WM-3
    2. Use external software
    3. Buy a new monitor

    All is descending favourable order
  13. Yea I would say buying a new monitor would be a last resort kind of thing I would hope normally monitors are the kind of thing you stick with for a while. That is odd though that you aren't able to work at the native resolution.
  14. hey man thanks for all of your help, will try to sort this one out myself.
    at least the worse is over! haha
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