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I have two Windows 7 computers connected to the netwrork (both in the same workgroup) and I'd like to become an admin of the second one. How do I do that? Tried to add myself to Administrators group but didn't work.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. what are you trying to accomplish?

    which version of Windows7 are you using?
  2. It's Win7 Pro on both machines. I'm trying to get full access on the second PC, sharing files works fine for now, but Remote Desktop Connection fails same as accessing C drive which is not shared by typing \\XXX-PC\C$ in address bar.
  3. did you enable Remote Desktop on the computer you want to access?

    did you try to temporarily disable the firewall before you entered\\XXX-PC\C$ in address bar?
  4. Yes, RD is enabled and I actually got it working by turning off security policy not allowing connections with no password. However, accessing C drive still doesn't work even without firewall switched on. I can always share that drive, but I wanted to do it in more 'elegant' way.
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