GTX 680 + Phenom 965 stock HELP

Hi guys i have a problem i baught before 2 day gtx 680 and i head from before my old CPU phenom quad core 965,my problem is bottleneck in BF3 MP i have GPU usage on some place in a map 50% on some other 60% somethimes is over 90 usually indor not big maps and when i hit 50% gpu usage my fps drop DRASTICALLY even on GTX 680 with my CPU fps drops on 35fps and i dont have AA in game on what is usaly big performance hit on fps i dont what to do now do i need new CPU or something can you help me here is my benchmark result if it helps and all of my pc spec! help plzz :(
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  2. no i dont want any more ATI and AMD what intel do you recomend?
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