Are there any good flat panels for gaming/video?

Are there any good flat panels for gaming/video? Latest THG review of 19" LCDs does not show anything with more than 3 stars in gaming/video. Does this mean there is no good LCD monitors, as of today, that can display games/video as good as (or at least close) to CRT monitors?

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  1. this sounds too good to be true, but maybe AU is forging ahead again....12ms and 1920x1080. due out 1st quarter 2004. anybody have any comments?
  2. Hmm i just bought an LCD panel and i must say i'm rather not impressed sure the picture is very good but ghosting is making me a bit nervous (and definitly don't get Acer panels). So for the gaming i'd stay away from LCD and get good 19/22" CRT from Nec/Mitsubishi or Samsung.
  3. The Hercules 920 Pro is an excellent choice for a gaming TFT screen. Don't get a Viewsonic though, I bought one for myself (VP171b) but the color quality is crap. The Hercules on the other hand comes pretty close to a real CRT kinda display for games.

    Is it a bad thing if there is smoke coming out of my case?
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