Asus278 3d versus acer 272hi 3d and touch and what card???

Which graphics card with Asus vg278h or acer t272hi? Also any opinions on a better monitor? With the acer T272Hl the Only true difference is response time and contrast. Acers response time is 5ms whereas asus is 3ms. The contrast is higher on the acer though. Will I really notice the response time difference if I'm not a competitive gamer? I game but not so hard. Seems like acer may be my best bet. The added touch and transmitter on acer are nice. Just need glasses, whereas asus come with glasses but no touch... Help
Touch is a nice feature with the 80 degree tilt. Please suggestions
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  1. In 3D response time is huge. Go with the lower response time (asus). With poor response time, you get very noticeable ghosting, or crosstalk. In normal 2D mode, people often don't notice it, but if the pixels take too long to change color, they show up in the other eye's image, and is very noticeable.
  2. So you've swayed me towards the Asus but I need a devil's advocate! Really need help on a graphics card for asus vg 278 with 3d. Concern... My price range is below 500 but I don't think I'll need the 680 or whatever 500 dollar nvidia versus spending the 350 on the 660ti or 670 ? Help
  3. 3D causes you to lose about 40% or more of your 2D FPS. I'd say get the 670 and be prepared to lower settings.
  4. Is this true a 670 will comprise the 3d? Or wait what? Explain. I realize the drawbacks of 3d but I'm simply asking for rccommendations on cards for this monitor?
  5. What I'm saying is it takes a 670 to max out most games with good FPS.

    If you turn on 3D, you lose 40-50% of your FPS.

    That means it takes 670 SLI to max out most games with good FPS.

    Or you have to lower a few settings here and there to play in 3D with good FPS on a single 670.

    Don't worry, it's not that huge of a deal, 3D still looks pretty awesome, even with some settings turned down or off. For example, DoF doesn't really help 3D, as it is just trying to create depth, but that is what 3D does, so turn off DoF. AA isn't as needed, as with 2 images being melded together in your mind has an AA effect of its own. Then you'll just go with high instead of very high or ultra on many games.
  6. Big thanks
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