Gigabyte 7870 moniter no signal

Hey, I just recently purchased a gigabyte 7870 2gb gpu and a corsair cx600 psu since the card required at least a 500 watt psu...i installed the psu and the card and the computer started but the monitor said no signal and went to sleep...i need help im pretty sure everything is plugged in right...the gpu seems to be getting power because all the fans are spinning...i need help...
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  1. Have you disabled the integrated graphics? Try doing that first from the bios.
    If the problem is not fixed reset the ram settings and try again also update the bios.
  2. you need to publish system configuration.
    If your motherboard has onboard graphics function, you can have to disable it via BIOS.
  3. the motherboard doesn't have integrated graphics.
  4. fx6100 cpu

    M3970AM-HP (Angelica2) motherboard

    10 gb ram

    running windows 7 64 bit

    brand new corsair cx600 psu
  5. Then reset the bios and enable XMP. If you have overclocked your system reset them to the default clocks.
    I'm sorry I didn't read the last post. Just set the ram settings manually.
  6. I will try that when I get home from work...I hope this works I'm also thinking of taking the card and testing it in a cousins computer to see if its the card itself...
  7. That will be good. Also bring your cousin's card to test it in your system
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