XFX 7870 CDFC 2GB vs. EVGA GTX660 2669 3GB & AcesHigh2

Hi everybody, like to say thank you in advance for your expertise and knowledge in this area. I'm at best a novice when it comes to understanding most of the technical information re: this issue.

Starting from the beginning and attempting to be brief.

The game I play is AcesHigh2 found at hitechcreations.

First I started out with an ASUS 560, when running the settings I'd like to I got some frs issues. OC'ing helped some, but not enough. I should say I really liked the SmartDoctor software accompanying this card.

What I have now is the XFX 7870, but now I have artifacting issues and occasional frs issues (not as bad as 560.)
Also, really don't like the gpu performance software (amd) with this card...

I've read every gpu's performance is variable depending on the game being played. I really have no card/brand preference, but just want what will work best for this game. I don't know if this increase in vram from the XFX 7870 to the EVGA 660 is going to make any difference.

Also I know my sys/cpu is on the lower end performance wise, but it's what I have to deal with atm.

Here is my system, HP p6537c, 10GB ram (4,2,2,2) and I have a XFX 850w psu.

I don't know if it would help answer my question, but hitechcreations offers a free two-week trial (no strings attached, no cc up front.)

I'm willing to try other cards than what I've mentioned, but I need to stay in my budget. The 660 mentioned, is at my limit coming in at around 250.00 us.

Thank you very much,

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  1. Did you overclock you radeon 7870? that may be the cause of your problem... Your card may be unstable.

    The GTX 660 performs better in games like Assassins Creed, Battlefield and Max Payne while the R7870 performs better in games like Hitman, Deus Ex and Dirt... Choose the card according to the games you play...
  2. Thank you for the reply. I haven't overclocked the 7870 but a couple times, when I did I got BSOD restarts, so I stopped.

    The only game I play is AcesHigh2.

    How do I figure out which card will perform better with AH2?

  3. Anyone? Sorry to bump this, but my RMA will expire with Newegg and I need to do something.

    Thank you.
  4. I have spoke with some of the tech support mods of the forum associated with AcesHigh2 and in summation it goes like this:

    The most current AMD drivers for 7XXX sometimes have artifacts(ing) issues with AH2. It could be possible to roll back the drivers and test whether it fixes problems.

    Some have also said that AH2 only runs two cores and that having a really fast card is not necessarily required, but having a card that renders more stable and higher fidelity graphics would be better. Therefore, some of them, recommend Nvidia based cards.

    Does this sound right? If so, then the 660 here should be the choice or have I misunderstood something?

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    Now that was helpful.
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    Now that was helpful.

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  7. Go ahead dork, more experts on newegg anyways :)
  8. RotBaron said:
    Go ahead dork, more experts on newegg anyways :)

    Not the best response.
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