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Unigine Heaven / sli560ti / 310.90 / Windows 8 - Framerate cap

February 5, 2013 4:09:21 AM

Am I the only one? Running Unigine Heaven on my rig always results in a 60fps cap (usually reports 59.99)

-Vsync is disabled in unigine heaven's settings
-vsync is disabled (global and specific profile) in nvidia control panel
-Frame rate target was off in evga precision x
-disabled the osd server in precision x
-completely exited precision x
-virtu is not installed
-intel onchip gpu is completely disabled in bios

I see tearing, so proper vysnc appears to be disabled so it's definitely an artificial limit.
Any ideas?

2xevga 560ti in sli
Windows 8
nvidia 310.90 whql drivers