9800gt replacement should take it or not !

i bought an old 9800GT (with 3 months warranty left only) it died with 6 days usage so i sent it for RMA and got my money back from the seller. Now the company(MSI) sent is an GTS 250(it does not have driver cd with it and the box is also open, Is it new? dont know) he is now demanding $10 extra for it.Should i take it ?
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  1. How much did the 9800GT cost and how much will the GTS 250 cost?

    For $10 depending on how much the base price is, it is okay
  2. if you have enough to buy a better card with that money (and whatever the amount you have with you), i would suggest to get a new one, a better one. those are outdated and buying some recent cards will give you more fps
  3. its $35 for gts 250 , i m tight on budget
    Also whats the typical lifespan of a graphics card?
  4. also tell me if the gts250 given by MSI is new or not?
  5. most of the time if it in a brown box with no cd it a rma card..could be new or used from the vendor.
  6. the gts 250 is a rebadge of the 9800gtx+ a bit better but still old, about 5 years.

    offer $5
  7. I would take the 250 over anything new for that price but only if you can get some sort of warrant thing from the seller again

    Likely either refurbished, open box or RMA of a working model or a review part sitting around or new if you're lucky
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    I have an MSI gts 250, its gonna be comparable to anything up to a gt640, but it is gonna consume a million times more power. for 35$ its still a good option.
  9. okay the card was shining as new and 1 month warranty left so will think about it, thank you guys
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