Inspiron 580 external display problem

i had inspiron 580 and i wanna change graphic card to my old hd 5670 and the power supply pure 400 watt

i have installed this card on my pci, already updated the latest bios but it still cant detect my 5670.

the screen just goes blank when i start the pc. but it's already connected when i disable internal video adapter from device manager :D

and the other problems come in,

when i restart/shutdown the computer, it's begin like that again, can't detect my 5670 and screen goes blank or usually got beep (i never count it)

i must connect to internal adapter first disable it, pull out the electric source and move to external adapter. it works but it so rare

so i must retry that step everytime when turn on my inspiron 580.

i just tired to do that :( , can anyone help me for this problem ?
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  1. When you connect to the integrated video and enter BIOS, do you select the PCIe slot for default instead of the integrated?
  2. my bios doesn't has any feature to change which primary video adapter in use :(
  3. Dell made the Inspiron for many years. With many different generation processors and motherboards. Is this the model you have, or do you have one of the older models?

    My original post was assuming you had one of the older 775 socketed C2D or C2Q systems.
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