Are sapphire gpus the quietest ones? (7850-7870)

I want to upgrade from a 6670 to either a 7850 1gb or maybe a 7870 2gb as long as there isnt a difference of more than $50 between them.
For what I read it seems that the consensus agrees that sapphire graphic cards are the most quiet ones of all the brands out there. I have an asus 6670 and its really quiet, but Im not sure how loud my next gpu will be being more powerful and having a more demanding power supply.
Im checking prices in newegg and theres a sapphire 7850 1gb for $165 final price with excellent reviews. Then Im seeing some 7870 cards that are around and theres a xfx version selling for $215 final price.
Im not looking into power and overclock features as much as Im looking for a reliable quiet card that wont be tweaked at all. Should I get the xfx card?
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  1. I have a sapphire 7970 vapor x and it's pretty quiet. The sapphire hd7870 are even more quiet than that. So you don't need to worry about the noise, just sit back and enjoy the card.
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