Xfx 7950 vs xfx 7970

Hello, I am browsing around video cards on tigerdirect. And stumbled upon 2 cards both by XFX, I was looking at the specs and they seem very similar to me. I am just wondering how big the performance difference between the two cards would be.

Video card 1 is this XFX Radeon 7950 ghost :

Video card 2 is this XFX Radeon 7970 :

are these virtually the same cards? aside from higher maximum resolution of the 7970 and an extra fan, is there a big performance difference? the core clocks are only off by 25 mhz, and the memory clock is 5500 on both. (I am going to be buying the 7970 regardless, because what is an extra 25 dollars when you are already spending 1300 on a build anyways). I just can't help but to be curious about it.
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  1. Oh yeah I forgot to ask, which of the two cards would overclock better? A high end more expensive 7950 such as an Asus or MSI, or the low end cheap as you can get 7970?
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    If you can afford the 7970, then get the 7970, the 7950 is a good card, some overclock past the 7970 stock, the 7970 also overclocks well.
    The value performance per $ is one the 7950 side.
    But if you can get a 7970 it will be better, but i'd get it from newegg :

    With two free games, crysis 3 and bioshock infinite.
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  4. Thanks, I was pretty much planning on going with the 7970 anyways I was just sort of curious. And thanks for the newegg link, Crysis 3 and bioshock infinite?! Hell yes!
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