Radeon hd6670 on MSI KA780gm2

Hi guys..

I'm currently using a hd 3450 on a MSI ka780gm2 board on hybrid xfire with athlon x2 7750b. Performance is very limited when it comes to gaming. Though I'm not much of a gamer, sometimes I like to play FPS games and online games. And the poor gfx won't let me.

I plan to upgrade soon but I intend to do it piece by piece cause I'm kind of tight with budget. I've set my eyes on this set; A10-5800k, asrock fm2a85x board, radeon hd6670 to xfire with the apu's 7660d.

Now I'm wondering if I could use the 6670 on my current board while I save up for the other 2 parts. (just so I can play some games)
I'm using Cougar rs550 psu so the power won't be a problem. But will my board be able to handle the card? More importantly, I'm not really sure if I can use the card with the motherboard since it's an old one?

Thanks for future responses. I really don't know much about these technical stuffs. Have a great day!
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  1. As long as it has a pci express slot you should be okay. If i were you id take precautions and install the latest bios first. Also you dont have to worry about the PSU. That card draws all its power from the x16 slot and doesnt require additional power. Also only consumes 61 watts max under load. Better than the cheap 9600GSO i bought (15 Pounds). It works like a charm and performance is almost identical to the HD6670 but it lacks the low power consumption that HD6670 has. And also save up for the processor. By the time you've got enough for the A10 there'll be a new socket fm2 processor out with a better integrated card capable of xfire. Nice idea for a budget build, The ps4 and xbox 720 have both been rumored to be utilizing the a10 cpu and the hd6670 haha :) Best of luck
  2. thanks haider95.. yes, the bios is updated to the latest version. cheers! :)
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