Radeon HD 7850 and PSU [3D Texturing]

Hi there,

I've recently bought a Sapphire Radeon 7850 HD 2GB. I've not built it in my system so far, because I am not entirely sure if my PSU is able to deal with it. The PSU [ LC500H-12 V2.2] has 500 W and 350 W [each 15A] on two 12V rails. I also have a AMD FX 8120 - 16 GB DDR3 and only one SATA in this system.

I am not planning to use the Graphic Card for Gaming, but I hope to gain a better performance in Mari, a texturing tool [like Mudbox]. Since the new Mari Update is capable of dealing with ATI cards. I also use Autodesk Maya on my system. I do not plan to use GPU Rendering.

So I would use this Graphic card just for watching FULL HD Videos, 3D Modeling [Viewport in Maya] and 3D Texturing [Mari], Desktop stuff - using two monitors [1920x1080 and 1400x900].

[CPU is mainly used and at peak level in 3D Rendering] [GPU would be used for 3D Texturing]

According to various sources on the net - the FX 8120 uses 125 W and the HD 7850 normally 130 W - since the rest of my system is relatively small [just one SATA, Mainboard]

I will probably buy a new PSU very soon, but do you think this would work until then?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. A no name PSU is never a good idea.

    We can't promise that it won;t blow your system.

    A PSU from corsair, seasonic or enermax would be best.
  2. Thank you for reply, Darth Pravus.

    LC Power is a German company [http://www.lc-power.de/], but as everything else, parts are made in China. It's definitely not top notch, more a budget psu and was built in my system when I bought the PC [~6 months]. At the time I was much more focussed on the software costs [Maya and Mari are quite expensive]. Reviews (~20) on Amazon are mostly positive, but that doesn't mean much. According to LC Power the PSU should have every security stuff, but I wouldn't bet on it and risk everything.

    I am glad that you recommended a few PSUs. I am also thinking about the Antec 550W. And you're right - nobody can guarantee that it doesn't blow the system. Although my use of the Graphic card shouldn't be too stressfull [Photoshop, Mari, Viewport stuff] - I certainly don't want to start from scratch hardware-wise.

  3. I don't know much about the brand to be honest. I know antec make good PSUs as a general rule.

    If it does have overvoltage protection and the rest then it should be ok. I just don't want to guarantee it.
  4. I recommend Seasonic. A 620w modular version will fit nicely and is affordable.
  5. Thanks guys. These are good recommendations.

    Yeah, my inner child rebells against the thought to put that new graphic card on the shelf for a month or two. My own fault - I bought a little too early. But it's better to wait that time, buy a decent PSU without any further worrying what might happen if the PSU has a bad day and risk damaging the current system
    . Currently my system works and I can do all the things - even working with Mari. Just performance sucks a bit.

    I will save a bit more and buy a good and certified PSU since I want to upgrade the system next year anyway.

    Helped me a lot. Thanks again.
  6. Good man. Hope you build is all well and you know where to come if you have any problems.
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