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hello im wondering f the graphics card hd 7770 2gb card will work on my hp pavillion p6313w it has a dual core amd processer and i am going to upgrade the power supply i dont know what types of pci slots it has but if anyone can help me it would mean alot
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  1. The motherboard is an M2N78-LA, it has a single PCIe 16 slot and is capable of handling your HD7770 video card.

    You can see it here ->
  2. Your motherboard support only 1 video card PCI 2.0 x16 so it should support the 7770 without problem beside the PSU which is 250w(get 400w minimum)
  3. ok thanks got ne ideas on what type of power supply to buy thats cheap?
  4. Search for power supply on amazon, eBay or new egg depending on d amount you can afford
  5. oh and i meant to ask are all the 7770 cards made by the same company sorr im a newbie to gpu's and was just wondering
  6. each 7770 is made by different company(unless it's same company than it's the same) but all same performance and money range...
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