Black screen when Graphics cards installed

Hi Guys

Just built a new i5 3570 system, 8gb memory,1tbhdd, 500w corsai sx 500 7 64 bit

PC is running fine without my graphics card, I put in the XFX 7850 hd and I get black screen no input, using DVI/VGA convertor as HDMI won't work without drivers im guessing.

I tried unistalling the onboard graphics adaptor, no joy

I tried changing from PCI express to pci in bios no joy.

its as soon as graphics power is plugged in I get black screen, fan is spinning on graphics card, what am i doing wrong?


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  1. HDMI does not require drivers its the same signal as DVI. Did you plug in the GPU power connector, and have you tried both DVI Ports? DVI and VGA are not compatible and the adapter will only work on the DVI-I port that has the extra analog pins to drive VGA. You are plugged into the GPU not the board right?

    Edit: re-reading that, PLEASE tell me you weren't plugging and unplugging power with the system on
  2. yes tried above, just can fathom this out
  3. At this point id suggest finding another PC to try it in, and swapping GPUs. Its more likely to be an unseated card or something else. But it could be bad
  4. sorted thanks, the pc eventually picked up the signal to the tv, loose connection maybe, as it was fine without graphics card, but its sorted.

    Kudos for all the advice

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