Hello guys,

This is my second buy after HD 7950 which showed the same flickering problem.Please help me out what could be the reason ? The flickering starts when the logo "windows is starting" and immediately the next page comes "home page" that time, it happens when it changes.I thought it may be the driver issue so installed latest drivers 13.1 catalyst.Later i tested it by running farcry3,assassins creed 3 there also it showed "horizontal lines" moving vertically. Don't know what to do.If this is a driver issue please tell me which one to download.

My specs:
Processor:AMD phenom 2X4 BE
Ram:4 gig ddr3
psu:850tx v2 corsair
monitor:acer V193HQV max res 1366X768 @ 60Hz
GPU:sapphire hd radeon 7970 oc 3gb ddr5

Please help me urgent.

Thank you
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  1. just try reinstalling the driver
  2. still no use.. is this something related to the monitor running @ 60Hz
  3. What is your GPU temp at.

    Classic case of cheaping on everything to get a high end GPU, try to put a case fan blowing on the GPU to have it run cooler.
  4. GPU temp 41 deg
  5. Have you tried a different cable (HDMI or DVI I'm assuming)...
  6. My monitor supports only VGA adapter.It does not have HDMI port
  7. And previously i had 9800gt which does not have any issues regarding the screen tearing.Please help me out anybody
  8. Even if VGA only it doesnt hurt to try another VGA cable if you have one lying around.
  9. AdioKIP said:
    Even if VGA only it doesnt hurt to try another VGA cable if you have one lying around.

    If i had i would have done it but i don't have :( Would a larger resolution monitor worth a try ? I mean is that the main reason behind it?
  10. I'm having the same issue with certain games, Borderlands and Battlefields 3. I dont have a solution for you, but want you to know im experiencing the same thing. I have a good set up with 6 fans in my case. I have my pc hooked up to a samsung 27 inch monitor with an HDMI cable and im running it at 1920x 1080.
  11. So do you get the same issues now also ?
  12. Yeah same issue
  13. And while after windows welcome screen also ?
  14. Just during gameplay. Borderlands and battlefields 3
  15. Oh then you might have different issues.Because i get while after windows welcome screen and games like far cry 3, assassins creed and heavy lag in NBA2k13
  16. Seems like the only difference is you get it on the windows screen and in the games and I solely get it during game play. Im sure its the same problem.
  17. Seems there is no solution for this issue.
  18. or just download driver 12.8
  19. Does that solve the problem totally ?
  20. it should
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