Mouse lag...

Hi everyone, I'll keep this short and sweet...

First let me apologise for posting this under Graphics cards, but I thought I might get more relevant responses here.

Below are my system specs:

CPU - AMD FX-8120 OC'd to 4.2Ghz
GPU - Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 OC'd
RAM - 16Gb Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz
SSD - Intel 520 series 180Gb (Boot drive)
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1Tb 7,200Rpm
Mobo - Asus m5a78l-m/usb3
OS Windows 8 64-bit
PSU - Corsair CX600 600W

Heres my problem:

When using my PC, I experience regular mouse lag, as in when i move the mouse, the curser on screen lags out and jumps/skips over the screen. I have no idea what is wrong. I have updated all my drivers, and uninstalled the old ones, so there are none conflicting. I have also replaced parts of my system and the mouse lag continues. The bits I have replaced are:

SSD (Boot drive)
Wireless card
OS (Upgraded from W7 to W8)

I am soon going to be upgrading my CPU and Mobo, so I can try and see of this will fix the problem, as this would mean that I have replaced all major parts of my PC except from the RAM.

Please can someone suggest a fix? Or could it be my CPU/Mobo/RAM?

Thanks for your time.

P.S. To the intel fanboys out there, Please dont start saying that it is because I have an AMD CPU. I dont deny Intel are better, but AMD also make excellent CPU's
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  1. Hi

    What type of mouse are you using? Wired or Wireless? Make and model.
  2. I am currently using a wireless mouse from the Microsoft 800 Wireless desktop set:

    Nothing special, but I have no problems when using it with other PC's

    I have also used a wired mouse and I still get the mouse lag.
  3. Have you tried different USB ports?
  4. I sure have. All 16 of them. lol.
  5. So did this start happening right after you built the computer?
  6. There could be some interference. Make sure the usb receiver is in front of the case if possible. I have had many problems with mouse lag on wireless mice. Try to keep the receiver away from other usb accesories. Do you have a wireless keyboard as well? I had problems with my mouse when it was too close to the wireless keyboard.
  7. @ wanderer11

    No, It started happening about a month later. I had not replaced any hardware by this time, or done any overclocking.

    @ dgriffs

    Thats a good point actually, I currently have the reciever plugged into the vack of my PC. I'll try moving it when I get back. I have no other Wireless things in my room apart from the wifi hub, obviously. But thats well away from the PC. Really? the keyboard can interfere? Well i never. I'll try taking the batteries out of the keyboard as well before I move the reciever and see if that helps.
  8. Hi again everyone!

    Last night I tied moving the reciever to the front of my PC, and for now it seems to have solved the problem. However it is too soon to tell as sometimes I wont get mouse lag for a couple of days. I'll update this reply on Friday if I can.

    Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Hi again everyone, I promised an update, and here it is.

    So far still no mouse lag occuring since moving the wireless reciever to the front of PC (Closer to my mouse). I still use my keyboard right next to my mouse, so I think it was just the reciever.

    I think iots safe to say that this problem is now solved.

    Thanks for your help guys!
  10. Another solution for this can be a software which came with the GPU. I recently upgraded my GPU to MSI gtx 1060, and the software with it was causing my cursor to lag. So to anyone having similar issues, can try to stop such software from running.
  11. For others out there reviewing this post looking for a solution that was not mentioned yet, it might be your video card driver. I just updated mine and now no mouse lag.

    FWIW, this problem had been an issue for me for months. In that time, I added RAM --> 4gb to 8gb, converted to a brand new Solid State hard drive, and later reformatted the computer. Nothing worked. About $225 sunk in the process.

    All it took was going to the 'device manager', finding my 'display adapters' and clicking 'update driver'.

    Hope that helps someone out there.
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