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Annother "what should i buy thread"

I have a 6850 and im currently looking to upgrade, I like the nvidia side of things a bit better so I was looking at the ~670 (maybe 680 but i have heard its not worth it price/performance wise) but is it worth it to get a 670 now, or wait for the 700 series? I would be able get the "flagship" card that they launch 1st (the 770 or the 780)

currently im ok with my gaming experiance, im getting ok frame reates on Skyrim (way too many graphical mods), Civ V and Borderlands 2 prob about 35-50 fps across the board

so just as a closing question, would it be better to wait for the 700 or just be safe and get a 670?
and when do you think the next gen coming out?

side question, are there any amd cards that are currently "winning" the price/preformance race?
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  1. all hardware+monitor/resolution?
  2. swifty_morgan said:
    all hardware+monitor/resolution?

    CPU 3570k
    MOBO Asus Sabertooth
    Ram 12GB corsair white
    Psu 750W ultra modular

    monitor 1

    monitor 2
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    If I were you, I would buy the 7970, It performs on par with the 680 and its priced way better. It would have no problems running both of your monitors either.
  4. Winner = Radeon HD 7970 = Better price performance = Satisfaction
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