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Hello, I will be playing all games on a single monitor for starters and I am not againts overclocking. Now my question is I can't decide what card to get. Debating between the 670 or the 7970. Not sure what editions or manufacture to get either. I'll also be playing a little bit of everything.
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  1. Should add I'll be using a 3570k
  2. DCuII version by asus whichever. But to be honest it doesn't matter. They are so close in performance you probably wouldn't tell the difference.
  3. the best thing to do is check out the graphics charts here on toms, and base your decision on that and prices. it would also be a good idea to check out how hot a card gets before buying it. some get excessively hot. there are lot of reviews all over that cover temps of specific cards. just google the model with the word "review" following it.
  4. With latest drivers hd 7970 is faster than gtx 670.if hd 7970 overclocked then it will be even faster than gtx 680.if you want physicx and other features then get nvidia gtx 670.Both gpu will max any games.
  5. both are about the same in terms of raw power with the 7970 being a bit faster. Problem is that AMDs drivers are trash.

    Get a gtx 670


    this one will overclock like a demon and stay cool

    Id stay away from reference models unless you are down to take them apart and really TIM or get a new cooler for them.

    I got a used zotac gtx 670 for 270 and did just that now it runs and ocs like a champ.

    Recently I have played around with a 7950 and 7970 and let me tell you that the drivers are putrid imo...

    sure they have raw power but inconsistent frame delivery and a pathetic driver team, not worth it~!

    All you have to do is google AMD frame latency to see what I am talking about. The latest (beta) drivers claim to take care of it but I doubt it!

    Nvidia is a smoother more enjoyable overall gaming experience imo.
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