GPU Upgrade.


I just had my birthday and i got a new laptop for school/light gaming.
I still have some money left over and i want to get a new graphics card.
Currently i have a GT 440, and i want to put that card in a old system with like 3 gigs of ram and a dual core cpu 2,4ghz.
I can sell that for around 200 euros.

Now that combined with the money i still have left from my birthday i can buy my new graphics card :)

My cpu is gonna bottleneck the gpu but i'd rather get a good cpu instead of a less powerful gpu and a cpu.

So here is my question:
I can get a GTX 660 ti and still have some money left over to get a amd phenom 2 x4 965 next month.
Or i can get a GTX 670 and just don't buy a new cpu.

What should i do?

My current cpu: Amd athlon 2 x3 450 3,2ghz
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  1. go with GTX660 Ti and get a better CPU for more performance.
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