Which 670 card to buy

The debate on which graphics card to buy is insane so I've finally just settled on the 670. My question is now which one should I get?
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  1. I would go with either the ASUS or the MSI versions of that graphics card.
  2. I really prefer EVGA. I've had fewer problems with their cards than any other. I also think their GTX 670 FTW is a great card...but that may be because I have one. It has high overclocks and it's incredibly quiet.
  3. EVGA all the. I've used the brand for over 8 years. Never had any issues ever. The customer service is the best in the market. I have the 670 gtx FTW from newegg. Grab two if you have the money.
  4. The EVGA cards have crap heat sinks and fans (reference).
  5. helper800 said:
    The EVGA cards have crap heat sinks and fans (reference).

    This is because why? My 670gtx ftw never, ever gets above 66c maxed and overclocked with only 60% of fan usage. What experience can you give for the poster?

    This 670 is the best card on the market hands down. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130787
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