Radeon 7850 vs GTX 660 ti

Hello folks,
I have had to choose whether to get the gtx 660 ti or radeon 7850. This will be with an i7 3770k @ 3.5 Ghz. I play games such as arma 2 and planetside 2 and would much appreciate an fps estimate. Cheers.
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  1. go for GTX660 Ti and enjoy gaming like beast!!
  2. GTX 660 Ti most definitely. If you would like the AMD equivalent, I would suggest the HD 7950. Here's some benchmarks...

    I'm not exactly sure what kind of FPS to expect from those games you listed. I'm sure you can play them on fairly high settings without too much trouble.
  3. Those aren't even in the same price range. You should be comparing the 7950 to the 660 ti or the 650ti to the 7850.
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