Gtx 670 4gb on 2048x1152 overkill?

I would like to have a gtx Card, the will be able to play everything with more than 60 fps (2048x1152) and I think a 670 4 gb or a 680 2gb will do the Work?. to max 470 Eruo

the 670 600 Series Family&uc=EUR

the 680 600 Series Family&uc=EUR
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  1. 2gb will be fine.

    also, dont bother with the gtx680. it is overpriced to reel in people who absolutely must have the best nvidia card. meanwhile the gtx 670 is only 5 percent slower while 25 percent cheaper AND overclocks better.

    once you overclock both cards, theyre nearly even. save yourself some money and get a 2gb gtx670
  2. thank you
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