Can you SLI Different GPU cards? or Just get a new?

Ok, so i have always been the x-box gamer however im starting to get into computer games more. I find myself playing on the computer about 10 times what I am on the X-box now and im thinking my Gigabyte GTX 550 Ti with 1Gb of GDDR5 is a little to small, I am looking for something Affordable on a college students budget.

I was thinking that it might just be cheaper to get a SLI bridge (for some reason my mobo didn't come with one although it is SLI/crossfire ready) And get another 550 Ti or would it be better to look into the 650's or something like that? Is it possible to get even a newer/better card and still SLI it to my 550 or would i have to just put the 550 on the shelf? I mean i gotta say for me, playing ie. BF3 the 550 reaches 99% and almost uses the full 1Gig of space, and as far as i can tell its not that poor of quality but i have never had anything more than what i have now. Never seen a real 670 or 680 in action, I know that they have a high enough price tag they better.

I do have a 670m in my laptop but (IMHO) mobile cards kinda suck seen that the 670 is suppose to be a really nice GPU when if anything my 550 seems better.

Anyone have any advice?

Maybe someone has a GPU that they dont use anymore sitting on the shelf they would let go for cheap? But I know for sure a 670 and up is out of my pricerange unless someone has a used one of them around? haha


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  1. Check out the 660ti. Great cards for a budget
  2. Would it still be alright to SLI the 660ti and the 550ti or would i put the 550 on the shelf?
  3. Set it on the shelf bud :D
  4. Yes it is possible to SLI different GPUs with modded drivers (not officially supported by NVIDIA of course...).

    However SLI with different GPU's you will have them work at the performance of the weaker card. Meaning if you get a 660 SLI with a 550, SLI will probably down-clock the 660 to get the performance as the 550. However these modded drivers don't always work great with different series of GPU.
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