HD7870 - Screen flickering/Turning black

Recently bought a 7870.

Every time I started a game, the entire screen would flicker really badly and sometimes turning black.

1. Thought it was Windows 8 fault, since I only tried it on two games and no one seems to have a problem with this card on Windows 7, so I reinstall Windows. Still flicker.
2. Tried different CCC version ranging from 12.8 to even the latest 13.2 beta. Still flicker.

Came across a post somewhere about cables turning bad, so before changing out cables, I, just for the sake of it, tried plugging it into the other miniDP port.(7870 came with 2 miniDP)

Andd :o it works!! No more flickering nor turning black.

My question is should I exchange my card because it has a faulty port? or is the underlying problem somewhere else (cable, driver, system)??

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  1. although it could be an issue i'm not familiar with, it sure sounds like it's an issue with the port if it happens consistently on only that port.

    You said you tried it with Windows 7, did the port work then?
  2. Nope, didn't work on Windows 7 even on the other port. Everything points to the port being bad, but I only run this off one monitor anyway. Is it even worth exchanging? I don't have a backup card and would be stuck without one for many weeks.
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