Want to plug in 4 monitors 7770

I want to run 4 monitors on this card:

But I am unable to get it to recognize and display more than two. I heard on a site that did a review for this card say you can connect up to 6 displays by daisy chaining them on display ports.

The monitors I have only support VGA and DVI, but I have adapter cables that go from DVI-HDMI and two cables that go from DVI-Minidisplay port.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. You need an active display portadapter to get the third, and for a fourth you'll need a second card.


    I am interested in that site review, please post it. The 7770 is a good card, but its a middle of the pack card. Its not intended to be the top of the line and even those have trouble driving six displays by themselves.

    Beware the internet, sometimes they lie. It says right in the HIS site, "AMD Eyefinity “2.0” technology enables you to expand your game across up to 3 displays. "
  2. You can only put 6 displays on one if you buy the special eyefinity 6 versions of the cards. This card alone cannot support 4 monitors. You need to put it in a crossfire setup
  3. Is it possible to get four because that is a Dual link DVI? I could connect a splitter and get four right?
  4. http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1854/2/

    I was wrong it was a different card but I has the same hookups
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