Odd problem with 7770 hd? ...but nvidia seems fine

hey guuys i have this odd problem with my 7770 hd radeon ...when its in my pc the screen shutters on my desk top when im moving my mouse around < sorta looks like if there was a fan next to my tv > <--looks like . and loaded a game >gw2< and it was doing the same
now...i put in my gtx nvidia 550 ti and works perfect ..nothing no problems..is there something wrong with the 7770 card itself? i was thinking maybe it was possibly get too much power..idk drivers were all up to date im stumped..oh and btw wich card do you think is better for fps / mmo's
my pc i put together on a budget specs as ..
fatal1ty 990fx pro motherboard
8350 fx cpu
1000w PS
1t hardrive
aftermarket dvd drive
212 coolmaster
12g ram

oh and also..the fatal1ty box was advertising nvidia with pics all over the box..maybe nvida just seems to run better with this board and not so much radeon? just a thought
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  1. im also using a tv playing on hd 1080p
  2. Sounds like you may need to adjust the settings under My Digital Flat Panel in Catalyst Control Center.

    Does the screen look pinched in the middle or is it flickering?
  3. also make sure your mb bios is updated sometime there little bios patches to fix issues. also try updating the mb chipset drivers to see if it the pci bus issue. sounds like the chipset of the mb and video card are not moving the data right.
  4. @ish416 yah its like flickering..like wavy ...could be updating motherboad drivers idk..i thought when you put the software in and it has an OS on it that it would already have the best drives..but ill check again

    i am also running into another can of worms...as i was waiting for my tower to arrive today...last night i went ahead a hookd everything up..installed the os and even played some gw2 for a few hours and surfed some net...but today when my tower came i put everything in the tower..but for some reason now it will turn on and everything works / running fine ....but just getting the "windows 7 logo" and it wont goto desktop?what did i do wrong?..and the phantom 410 tower came with some fans already installed...i cant seem to see where they all hook up at on the motherboard i didnt see any slots...later tomorrow i will recheck everything again cuz i was in a hurry and had to get to work..but any help would be greatful thx!!
  5. Typically if your screen is flickering it's an indication of the refresh rate not being correct. So that is where I would start. Also, some TV's are set for a particular resolution that doesn't quite meet what they are rated for. Example : some 720p TV's are actually 1024 x 768 and are not the 720p standard of 1280 x 720. Same thing for some 1080p TVs. Also, it could be that your TV is only 1080i as this will cause a stuttering issue as well.

    As for your new issue, you had the parts and had them working. Installed them into a case and now it will only load to the Windows 7 logo and not go into the desktop?
  6. yah @ish416 i got it everything is fine with the new issue..just had to go into safe mode and update nvidia driver..now everything is runnin fine atm

    as for the 7770 hd grafix card...im stumped..i had messed with all the resolution options and even at lower resolution it still did it...it does not have any problems at all with nvidia everything running great..i think ima just stick with nvidia for a bit

    i would like to ask...is there a link or a way you can tell me on how to update my motherboard? im reading around that you have to use a usb or something?idk? iv never done this.. my motherboard is a fatal1ty 990x...and do i need to update my cpu?its fresh out of the box but seems to be working fine..idk if its possible to update a cpu driver lol or even if they have drivers..still learning here lol ..think ima run to bestbuy and pickup a new nvidia card..bbl
  7. well i bought the 660ti and its a beast i really like..only thing is when playing guild wars 2 it keeps crashing when im in wvw ..iv been checking around for answers but i keep geting dead ends...thx for your help! now im just dealing with this stupid crash...everything works as it should now..thx!
  8. to flash your bios first go into the bios and look at the bios rev on the mb now. then go to the mb vendors and download the newest bios file. then copy the bin/cap file to a usb stick. plug the usb stick in and reboot and go back into the bios. in the advance mode in the bios is a bios updater. just run it and point to the .rom/cap file and let it run and reboot.
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