Asus Geforce GTX 660 Never going over 62 C

Hello, i have a question regarding my geforce gtx 660.

Most Graphic cards today has a temperature limit of 98 degrees. But my geforce gtx 660 never goes above 62 degrees. NEVER.

However my GPU usage looks normal. tried stressing it with MSI kombustor and it went up to 92% usage.

A 660 has a temperature limit of 98 degrees, i think. It's also overclocked. both GPU and Memory clock.

Is there a reason why i never go above 62 degrees? i get this temperature in pretty much all games. What i'm worried about is if this draws back my FPS.

Any comments are appreciated.
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  1. I would just say that your card is really good at keeping your chip really nice and cold. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Whatever you are doing isn't putting an amount of pressure to push your card beyond 62 degrees. If you ran furmark for 10-15 minutes you would probably see it go over that point but honestly you are just fine man good temps good card enough said :)
  2. I downloaded furmark and got 62 celcius :P . I don't think i've ever gone above that. ran a stress test at 1080 p with antialaising x8. I can't overclock it any further because that causes driver crashes and renders artifacts.

    Anyway i always want to make sure that there aren't any problems that could cause issues with the framerate.

    Thanks for comment. I'm still however going to look this up, if there's a reason why i never go above this temperature. :)
  3. That's not unusual with an "out of the box" card.

    What are the memory and clock settings ? I assume it was overclocked at the factory ?

    Get the boost up to 1300 and memory to 6900+ after tweaking the voltage a bit and you'll see those numbers go up.,26.html
  4. @JackNaylorPE: If he's using a GTX660....he'll never get the boost clock to 1300 and memory to 6900+ as the card's TDP is very close to it's supplied power at stock.

    @Romeru, your card is just fine. Furmark and Kombustor are the same program. You should be happy that your card peaks at 62C.
  5. Somewhere around 1200 MHz i start to get driver crashes. so yeah. not really planing on going above that
  6. If it isn't broke don't fix it :) Nvidia cards don't handle overclocking quite the same as AMD cards because of the voltage locks.
  7. Well, i guess my graphic card is a boss at staying cool'n'quiet. Thanks for the help. :)
  8. Indeed except its not my 670 :P
  9. My card peaks at 48C under full load....but I'm running an aftermarket cooler.
  10. Well that is quite rare to get that kind of load temp.
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