The Sims 3 huge fps drop on Nvidia GTX 650 Ti AMD FX 4100

Hello, I have a big problem with The Sims 3 (and only with The Sims 3, my other games are working perfectly fine). Without V-Sync I have about 100-120 fps and it drops to 10-60 almost every 3 second when I move the camera around. It's unplayable. With V-Sync On (forced in Nvidia settings) I have 60 fps and it drops to about ~37 ~30 ~10 ~15. My fps doubled when I installed DirectX and changed my BIOS settings to default but the main problem still exist. It doesn't matter if it's the latest patch or the oldest one or if it's only The Sims or The Sims + Pets and Seasons. I even tried to change my settings from very high to very low, I installed the latest Nvidia drivers, I updated my BIOS, I tried to play on Win7/8, I installed windows again but the fps drop is still here. I made a video using my smartphone to show you exatcly what I'm talking about. The first video is with v-sync off and the second one is with v-sync on.
I hope that someone will help me here, cause it's really annoying :(.

I have:
GTX 650 TI
AMD FX 4100 Quad Core
760GM-P23 (FX) Motherboard
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  1. I've made the 1920x1080 funmark benchmark (well, 5 minutes of it, but still...) and my average fps is 21, minimum is 20 and maximum is 24. It seems stable. GPU max temp.: 77C, min: 36C.
  2. Oh, and it pauses for a split second (most of the time) where the FPS drops (In the Sims 3)
  3. Do you have a lot of mods installed for Sims? They tend to cause issues like that.
  4. Let's see if we can't figure this out.

    Download and fire up HWMonitor and Precision X. We want precision x to chart all of your video card's values and HWMonitor to investigate the rest. Precision x has a graph section. If you click on it, it should open up to a bigger window with more values. Anyways, fire these programs up, and then run the Sims until you've experienced the slowdowns a few times, then post a screenshot of your HWMonitor numbers and the precision x graphs.
  5. I don't use ANY mods.


    Ok, thank you wiggbot, I will do that :)
  6. That almost looks like the game is trying to load extra things(maybe items in the house.)

    You want to see MASSIVE and random drops. install late night :) the game will literally FREEZE but all sim animations continue to happen.

    It is strange to see it pausing in the same places(after the first pass it should all be loaded).

    Does the hard drive led light up or flash when the pause happens? If you got the game in steam, maybe try to turn steam in game off. My girl friend plays that game and I have not seen anything like that outside of the late night mess up.

    Real kicker is she has a slower video card then you, but a faster cpu(i7 920 @ 3.5).

    Also, It may be a good idea to try one driver version(310.7) back just in case its a driver bug.
  7. Wow, so I probably won't even bother to install Late Night :ouch:
    I tried different drivers so it's not a driver bug.
    I know, right? I thought that maybe it's because of the fact that there are many things that need to be loaded, but apparently not.
    I'm not sure about the flashing and I don't have this game on steam.

    Here are the screenshots from Hardware Monitor and Evga Precision X:
  8. Sorry... I'm not sure how to put website address here ;x
    Again without urls:
  9. I see a few spots that the video card dropped to NO load. That would indicate that while the card is ready do work, it just was not given anything to do. Your temps look fine.

    My girl friend just said that "The game is super buggy" and "at one point my sim just lost its clothing(may have been the textures as it was not naked, just skin colored)". Hate to say it, but this game may just be semi buggy.

    If I get a chance, I have a system with a 650ti I will get her to try it on that card and see what it does.

    The late night bug is VERY strange. it is like the game just STOPS, but the water fountain in the center of town keeps on working fine. She always plays the game in high speed so maybe it makes it worse.

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    DAMN YOU EA!!! <- its clicky
  10. Ok, thank you for your reply. It would be great if you could check this game with 650ti. If there isn't any solution that won't involve changing my computer components, then I'm going to probably just wait for The Sims 4 haha D: And for now, I'll check out DMC (Devil May Cry) ;)
  11. Wierd its like the card is not even using half of its clock speed and then just drops to zero memory use! There has to be something out of adjustment causing the card to not use all its power.

    I have a 650 Ti and never experienced this. It always runs smooth with all details maxed. I am trying to think what could cause this, Wrong mem timings would simulate your symptoms but It would not effect the cards clocks. HMM! very peculiar. I hope you figured it out.
  12. This thread is over a year old. The OP has long since either solved or given up.

    Some things came up and I never did get to do 650 testing either.
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