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Iceq or gigabyte WF 3 7950

Alright so I've sold my 7870 in favor of a 7950, im getting my 7950 tomorrow im stuck between the HisIceq (my 7870 was the his iceq and i loved it) and the Gigabyte WF3. I was looking at the 670 but the 7950 comes with crysis 3 and bioshock infinite so that sold me on the 7950. What one would be better? I am going to oc the 7950, and eventually crossfire them. Thanks!
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  1. To be honest, I'd grab the MSI variant of the card. It has better cooling - and is known to overclock farther. Plus - both the HIS and Gigabyte cards' coolers make them more like 2.5 slot cards, so it'd be a little worse as far as Crossfire goes. The MSI Card is simply a two slot card so Crossfire is just fine.

    PS - Crysis and Bioshock also come with the MSI version.
  2. Best answer,3207-10.html Although the Windforce 3 is not displayed, the HIS beats pretty much every dual fan cooling solution, it also shoots that hot air out the case, lower the ambient temperature in the case. You could also look into the 660 ti, That is what I would get personally.
  3. I say HIS. Great cooling.
  4. Im thinking the iceq since i already have experienced how good it works I mean my 7870 idled at 25 I realize it is more like a 2.5 slot card but its because the angle of the cooler only the end flairs up so they will stack fine im thinking, I looked at the msi one but people were saying it runs hot. I think I might go with the iceq again. Im just wondering if the gigabyte warranty is worth it over the HIs iceq? I was thinking the 670 over the 660 ti but I love the msi 660ti the blue and black version goes with my build perfectly, but like I said crysis 3 and bioshock sold me on the 7950. So Im thinking the his iceq but is the gigabytes warranty worth it over the better cooling solution of the iceq?
  5. In my opinion a warranty is only as good as the service you receive from a company. Gigabyte has let me down thus far in that area I don't have any experience with HIS so you would have to fill in that blank. Also did you return your 7870 or did you just sell it off in favor of a 7950.
  6. Warrenties seem to be just like rebates, they either work, or you get screwed (keep in mind some companies might be better than other about actually replacing parts, or giving you a credit card.)
  7. Sold my 7870 in favor of the 7950 actually made more selling it than i paid for it for Im pretty happy about my decision plus i got far cry 3 with the 7870, maybe ill just upgrade whenever cards come with games i want lol. That is true about the warranty if you get a billion year warranty but its from a company who doesnt like to honor their warranty or something you could get screwed( id o enjoy my gigabyte 990fxa-ud5 mobo though). Im thinking the iceq I like the blower style cooler. I dont want to raise the temps of my cpu with a card that exhausts into the case, thanks everyone! Im just kinda hoping i dont have to deal with an rma
  8. I rma'd my first 6870 back to Newegg, and they got the second one right, so if you have problems within the first 30 day, just send it back to Newegg
  9. Newegg is pretty awesome with the RMA process and if you get in there face sometimes they will even cover shipping. This lady once was going to have me pay for restocking fee because I was returning an item I told her something was wrong with it and that it was unacceptable to have shipped a broken item and they paid for UPS shipping and no restock fee.
  10. one time i bought an Antec PSU that made a clicking sound,
    i RMA'd it after a sale and I actually got the MSRP as a refund, so I broke out even :)
  11. woah thats pretty good well hopefully ill discover a problem within 30 days then thanks guys!
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