Problems with crossfire?

Hey guys,

I like to think myself fairly competent with my PC, but it got grumpy with me today. I just installed a 2nd HD 6950 and threw on the crossfire bridge (on the connector closest to the outside of the case..well, tried the one on the inside, too.), except Catalyst isn't recognizing it(even after a re-install and reboot both times).

Components are as follows:

I'd appreciate any help!
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  1. Was told by ASrock to flash the bios. Will try in a couple days. If you still want to chime in, please do!
  2. What PSU do you have?
  3. I've got a 750w thermaltake, so that should be up to the challenge.
  4. Do both cards have power? Do their lights and fans turn on?
  5. Card doesn't have lights built into it, but fans are on, so I maintain that it's functioning.
  6. ASrock support was 100% spot on. Flashing the bios worked perfectly. Thanks for helping anyway, cskoler!
  7. Great, glad you got your problem solved even though I wasn't much help at all.
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