XPS 8500 460w and 7950?

Will a 7950 work on a Dell XPS 8500 460w psu? Dell claims the psu can handle up to 225w power just for the PSU but various forums suggest otherwise. Any ideas?
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  1. Maybe maybe not. In this benchmark you can see the OCCT is 290 watts but that is for a specific setup. Also there is another question of power efficiency of the power supply. The chances are low but you can give it a try, if you dare. Otherwise get a hd7870 and you'll be fine.
  2. i would not recommend it at all :(

    An R7950 needs atleast a 500W PSU. (stated on AMD's website) your PSU is only 460W. Also power supplies that come with these prebuilt computer from dell, ho, acer etc usually have generic power supplies which are not good at all...
  3. Thanks for replying. Wasnt sure but will probably leave it as dont want to risk blowing the PSU :/
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    There is no risk of you blowing the PSU the worst case is that, you will end up in a system crash. You can use that card on your system. I am using a hd7970 on a 600watt power supply whose recommended power is 650watts. Still the power supply doesnot supply the maximum power. Dell systems don't have bad very bad power supplies.
  5. When you say crash, do you mean the PC will just crash? Would it only be when the card is drawing alot of power from the system?

    P.S. Sorry about all the questions
  6. Yes your PC will just crash only when the card is drawing a lot of power or when it is full load.
  7. Ok thanks guys. Will probably upgrade in the near future when moneys not so tight. Thanks for the input :)
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