Question about 3 slot graphics cards?

Hello, doing some shopping around, I have noticed a few graphics cards that take up 3 expansion slots, such as this

Why exactly do these cards take up 3 expansion slots? Is there any advantage to them taking up 3 expansion slots, such as better cooling (larger heat sink) or something? I am just curious if there is any particular reason somebody would want to opt for one of these over a 2 slot graphics card, aside from it looking bigger and more beasty?
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  1. well because of size and weight you need exra support form another screw and the cooler takes up 3 expansion slots theres nothing different about them other than size
  2. There may be more ventilation however I don't believe there is a advantage per say over the 3 slot solution. I kind of feel that they do this so that people will buy there ROG boards so they have the ability to SLi/CF there cards. Its very rare to see a 3 slot solution except when you see a card with more ram Gigabyte has similar cards.
  3. A lot of times they only take up 3 slots for cooling purposes. They are definitely good if you want to overclock your graphics card by the way.
  4. I don't see a reason to do so when a lot of other cards don't do that. Its may well be for cooling reasons larger cooler more heat dissipation through heatsink and more ventilation. But it seems unnecessary with most cards.
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